Ariz. legislator channels Michelle Pfeiffer in "Dangerous Minds"

Republican state Senators failed last week, despite valiant efforts, to pass some serious nativist bills.

Best effort goes to Lori Klein for staging a melodrama straight out of "Dangerous Minds" by reading a letter about a substitute teacher stunned and appalled by his class full of wanna-be gang memers.

Not only did the students refuse to say the pledge of allegiance, they also freely admitted that they were all illegal immigrants.

Tedski at Rum, Romanism and Rebellion said:

It’s just a wee bit odd that this man’s experiences in a classroom seem to include every possible paranoid fantasy of anti-immigration extremists, even invoking Steve Gallardo’s name. I guess it would have been a more perfect storm if one of the students stood up on a table reading aloud from Occupied America while peeing on a picture of Ronald Reagan.

Indeed, it is highly suspicious. But it was all for naught - because five anti-immigration bills were defeated!

I wonder if Coolio will make another track about Arizona schools...