August online training schedule for progressive candidates!

People running for office (especially the first time) or working on a campaign often don’t know where to start, or need additional help in a particular area. That’s why Progressive Majority has developed an in-depth online training program on campaigns for progressives. Our training webinars will give you (or someone you know!) the skills you need to win. 

Every month we offer a new set of online webinars - some repeat regularly, and some are new every time. So please do check back at the beginning of every month to see what we have on tap.

Here are just a few of the webinars we're offering in August:

  • How to write a fundraising appeal
  • Door to Door Canvassing Best Practices
  • Setting up your Campaign Team
  • Writing your Stump Speech
  • Planning your absentee ballot program
  • ... and much more

Click here to see our entire August training calendar, and sign up for the sessions of your choice.

Our webinars are taught by top trainers in the progressive movement. These trainers have years of experience working on campaigns, and know how to get the best results.

The training you'll receive will help you prepare to run for office yourself, or enable you to become a strong contributor to a progressive campaign near you. Please forward on this email to great progressive candidates and staffers you know as well, so we can all share and learn from each other.

Don't miss your chance to sign up for our August webinars. Progressive Majority’s training program has helped our candidates win because they were well prepared for their race.

Sign up today for our trainings, and help progressives win in 2012.