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How we got screwed

Thank you, Big Mike.


Spy training for abortion seekers?

Once a week flights to the middle of prairie lands. Rigourous psychology tests and counseling. A 72 hour holding period.

Are you training to be a clandestine operative? Are you Indiana Jones?

No, you're a young woman waiting to exercise her right to choose.

Increasingly, states like South Dakota are making it harder than ever before to get an abortion. In South Dakota's case, there is only one abortion doctor for the 77,000 square feet of the state. And that doctor has to be flown in from Minnesota once a week to Sioux Falls, SD.

Let's Unite Our Voices!

Progressive Majority and Grassrooting Productions are launching a grassroots project that will bring the next generation of inspiring and hopeful protest songs!

Vlog Entry: Rising unemployment and recalls, recalls, recalls

The Progressive Majority interns and I had lunch at Farragut North and talked to some DC locals about the issues of the day.


Nearly 100 rush to run for office

Almost 100 of our supporters signed up to run for office yesterday at the launch of our campaign!

In the coming months, they'll get our political team's expertise in campaigning to win. But we still need more to challenge incumbent conservatives in 2012.

Help us spread the word by asking your friends to run for office:

Or create a poster like ours to plaster on bulletin boards:

Pennsylvania State Senate passes more restrictions on abortion clinics


A controversial bill imposing stricter standards on abortion clinics in Pennsylvania cleared the state Senate Tuesday and now heads to the House, where its fate is uncertain.

By a vote of 38-12, the Senate passed legislation - prompted by a grand jury's report exposing horrific conditions at a Philadelphia abortion clinic - that would increase inspection, space, staffing, and other requirements for the 20 clinics operating throughout the state.

Nine Kinds of Pie: Those Who Can, Teach

Great post from Nine Kinds of Pie:

US House passes anti-abortion funding bill

Unbelievable. Sixteen Democrats broke with the party line to vote for HR3, an aggressive and sweeping legislation that prohibits tax-funded abortions. The final tally was 251 yays to 175 nays.

From Huffington Post:

Connie Pillich talks HB 159 "Election Fraud" bill

In her piece on, Connie Pillich addresses the real problems behind the recent Election Fraud bill:

The simple truth is that H.B. 159 will unconstitutionally disenfranchise the poor, the elderly and women.

Become a corporation: all the rights with none of the responsibility!

Lee Camp released this hilarious video on corporations not paying their fair share.

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