The Conservatives' Dirty Trick

Wonder what conservatives in the states were up to when the nation's eyes were fixed on the inauguration? Oh, right - they were rigging the next election.

Progressive Champion of the Week: Crisanta Duran!


Takeaways From Tuesday: For the GOP


Takeaways From Tuesday: House Republicans


For House Republicans: Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the GOP Congressional coalition really were just wasting everyone's time all along. They swore they'd do anything it took to make Obama a one-term President, abandoned the business of government for two years, and ultimately only succeeded in proving just how untenable and unpopular their party's platform really was.

Takeaways From Tuesday: Campaign Finance


118 Progressive Majority Candidates Won on Nov. 6!


Progressive Majority had more than 200 candidates on the ballot on Nov. 6 and your support helped 56% of them win election!  

From the re-election of President Obama, to the election of Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren to the U.S. Senate, to voters standing for marriage equality in four states, we have a lot to celebrate. 

Endorsements galore! Read more about our great candidates

Progressive Majority is working to elect progressive champions to state-level offices around the country. So today we're excited to announce another great group of future leaders -- our latest batch of candidate endorsements for 2012. Here's more about three of them:

Last night in Arizona


Our primary season continues, and here's the latest news from Arizona. Elections were held yesterday, and we're happy to report that farm team members Charlene Fernandez and Victoria Steele won their primaries!

Tuesday's results in Washington and Michigan

Tuesday was an important day for progressives in Washington and Michigan. Both states had their primaries, and we have some excellent news to report!

August online training schedule for progressive candidates!

People running for office (especially the first time) or working on a campaign often don’t know where to start, or need additional help in a particular area. That’s why Progressive Majority has developed an in-depth online training program on campaigns for progressives. Our training webinars will give you (or someone you know!) the skills you need to win. 

Every month we offer a new set of online webinars - some repeat regularly, and some are new every time. So please do check back at the beginning of every month to see what we have on tap.

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