Coming to a legislature near you: 7 anti-choice bills

If you thought the anti-choice drum beat would stop and end in Congress, you were wrong.

In seven of our 10 target state legislatures, anti-choice bills are popping up, left and right. It has groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL playing whack-a-mole with these bills to stop them from ever becoming law.

Progressive Majority's Gloria Totten mentioned in Elect Women Magazine

Photo from Elect Women Magazine. 

Progressive Majority's president, Gloria Totten, was one of five top women in political organizations featured on a panel at the Emerge America conference to discuss the effort to elect more women to office. 

What do the voters care about? Jobs

Our friends at Democracy Corps and the Campaign for America's Future are out today with some new research into the American electorate following the 2010 election, and their findings are quite intriguing. 

What's on the mind of the average voter? Health Care repeal? Former Governors of Alaska? 

Not exactly. 

As Democracy Corps puts it, "It's jobs, stupid."

From their poll:

Imagine remake dedicated to victims in Tucson, AZ

Please watch this beautiful version of John Lennon's "Imagine" by Sam Tsui and AHMIR. Share far and wide.

HuffPo: Preexisting Conditions Afflict Up To Half Of Americans Under 65

That's right, half of us have a pre-existing condition that keeps many of us from getting health care coverage. This is according to a government study released today. 

I would attribute this to the very broad definition of "pre-existing condition" by insurance companies which can range from cancer and pregnancy to asthma and high blood pressure. 

Washington Candidates Sworn In!

While most newly elected leaders will have to wait until the start of the 2011 Legislative Session next month to be sworn in, three of our victorious candidates in Washington have already been sworn in and are serving the people of their communities. All three of these fantastic new legislators served in the first lame-duck special session of Washington's legislature on December 11 and addressed the gaping budget shortfall.

State Senator Sharon Nelson

NYT Article: Opposition to Health Law Is Steeped in Tradition

David Leonhardt's piece yesterday in the New York Times on health care is spot on. The debate over "expanding the social safety net" has raged since the Great Depression, Leonhardt says. But every step we take in getting closer to ensuring a quality of life for everyone, brings us closer to prosperity. 

Leonhardt writes: 


How will Obama's tax-cut deal affect your state?

Obama announced last week that he negotiated a hostage deal with Republicans over the Bush tax-cuts and looming cut-off of unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.

However, Democrats have been vowing to overturn the legislation because it extends the tax-cut for the wealthiest two percent.

According to Howard Dean, both parties are ignoring one crucial element. He had this to say on "Face the Nation" this Sunday:

Washington election results are finalized!

Seattle - After three weeks of counting ballots, and three recounts in legislative races across the state, the final tallies are in!

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