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Quick update from Arizona: Recall of Senate President proceeding

Well, it hasn't received as much publicity as the Wisconsin recalls, but the organizers of the recall petition drive against Republican Russell Pearce, the president of the Arizona State Senate submitted four crates of petitions to the Arizona Secretary of State last week.

Presidents, governors, and senators get all the press, but the low-profile officeholders can cause real havoc, too

While high-profile, "top of the ballot" offices such as president, governor, senator and so on often receive huge amounts of public attention, the lower-profile, downballot offices that average voters don't care much about are the ones that can do the most good for, or inflict the most damage upon, society.

Arizona: Well, at least it isn't boring here

Over the last few years, Arizona's two biggest exports have been some of the most misbegotten pieces of legislation since the Jim Crow era, and punchline material for late night comedians.

I've been covering Arizona politics, particularly the Arizona Legislature, for over five years now, and I can truly say that while the political tone in Arizona during that period could never be described as "moderate," the situation has deteriorated steadily.

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