California to include LGBT history in curriculum

California makes progressive history again! The state legislature sent a bill to Governor Jerry Brown (D) requiring public schools to include the history of the LGBT community and the great contributions they made to society as part of California’s social studies curriculum. This is great news! Of course the social conservatives in the state assembly are accusing California Democrats of “brainwashing” children across the state.

Teaching kids to be more tolerant will never be considered brainwashing in my book. If anything, California kids are going to be more prepared for the world they will inherit. More and more people are coming out of the closet. Everyone in the country, whether you’re in Wyoming or Mississippi is related to, works with, or knows someone that identifies as LGBT.  Future generations of Californians will be more understanding of gay and lesbians and will see our community as part of mainstream society.  

I know California is doing the right thing. Social conservatives may like to think homosexuality doesn’t exist but the truth is there is a young child sitting in a classroom somewhere confused about his or her sexuality. This young child has already grown up to believe that being gay isn’t the norm. Imagine if that child could open a textbook and read about the work that Harvey Milk did in San Francisco or about the plight it took the gay community to get the government to focus on HIV/AIDS research. That kid’s entire perspective on what he or she is struggling with internally will change. Then maybe we can live in a society where kids aren’t committing suicide over their sexual orientation.