Campaign Management: Hiring Staff and Volunteers

No candidate wins on his or her own. The campaign requires the help of many people, from the kitchen cabinet that helps write your campaign plan, to the donors who sustain your effort, to the volunteers who help you knock on doors, campaigns are always won by a team. Make sure to assemble a team you can trust and depend upon to perform the most vital functions for your campaign.

Not every campaign needs a full staff team. However, most candidates will require the assistance of at least part-time staff (i.e. a campaign manager, fundraiser, and a field director for the final two months) for at least part of the campaign cycle.

The Key Positions

Try to identify people who have skills to play the following roles, whether they are paid or volunteer (note: some people can fill more than one position in a small campaign):

  • Campaign Manager
  • Fundraiser
  • Field Manager
  • Scheduler/Assistant
  • Researcher
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Press Secretary

What to Outline in Writing

There are four things you should make explicit when hiring paid or volunteer staff:

The positions you will need to carry out

  • The responsibilities of each position
  • Whether the position will be filled by paid or volunteer staff
  • The date the position must be filled

Staff Management

Once you have hired your staff, give thought to the day-to-day management and “care and feeding” of staff, especially volunteer staff members. Keeping your volunteers and staff happy and motivated will make for a smoother, more effective campaign. Also be sure to include an organizational flow chart, so lines of responsibility are clear for everyone.

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