Campaign Management: Volunteer Recruitment


Where to Begin

Create a diverse list from your personal network, of groups and individuals that can be helpful to your effort. Start with your inner circle of friends, family members, past/current campaign supporters, and organizations and clubs you belong to. Engage political and progressive organizations that are aligned with you on the issues, people who are dedicated to issues are likely to be dedicated volunteers. Connect with groups with which you may not have an existing connection, that are ready-made sources for potential volunteers.

Be Sure To Include

Friends and neighbors State and local parties
Women's organizations
Environmental groups
Labor unions
Civil rights organizations
Teacher's group Constituency groups
Civic groups
High school gov't classes
Senior citizens groups
University organizations

Ways to Reach and Recruit Volunteers

A great way to reach and recruit volunteers is by email. Whether you ask an organization to send an email to its members on your behalf or you send an email to people whose information you have collected, email is a quick and easy way to reach a large number of potential volunteers.

College campuses, neighborhood community centers, and bulletin boards of friendly organizations are good places to place flyers. Make sure they are brightly colored and prominently placed.

The best way to recruit volunteers is to ASK! Just as with getting a vote or a contribution, the most effective strategy is always direct and personal contact.