Dian Slavens

State Representative - District 21
Wayne County
Type of Seat: 
Woman Candidate: 
Woman Candidate

Dian Slavens is running for reelection for State Representative in District 21 in Wayne County. With Dian as a candidate in 2008, Democrats surprisingly picked up this open seat. During her first term, she has been a strong progressive member of the Democratic Caucus in the Michigan House of Representatives. Before getting elected, Dian worked as a respiratory therapist for more than 20 years in Southeast Michigan hospitals; first at William Beaumont Hospital and later at Henry Ford Hospital. Her experience gave her a firsthand look at how families are hurt when they don't have access to affordable health care. Drawing on her many years as a respiratory therapist, where she witnessed the devastating and often fatal effects of secondhand smoke, Dian was also instrumental in banning smoking in most indoor places in Michigan, including bars and restaurants. Dian also is fighting for aggressive job creation strategies that take advantage of Michigan's manufacturing expertise and highly skilled workforce to help make the state a leader in advanced battery technology.