Joe Fitzgibbon

State House - District 34
King County
Type of Seat: 
Open Seat
Under 35: 
Under 35

Joe Fitzgibbon is running for State Representative in the 34th district in West Seattle and Burien. Electing Joe ensures we retain strong, progressive representation in one the most left-leaning districts in the state (democratic performance of 71.3%) and would give voice to a largely underrepresented group: young people. At 23 years old, Joe would be the youngest member currently serving in the state legislature and nearly the youngest ever to be elected. Joe grew up in his district and is now a homeowner. For the past three years, Joe has served as the legislative assistant to the House member he seeks to replace: Sharon Nelson, a Progressive Majority endorsed candidate now seeking election to the State Senate. Joe will be an effective member of the Blue/Green Alliance, the progressive caucus in the State House. Joe is in a tough primary with two other Democrats and an Independent.