Nick Harper

State House - District 38
Snohomish County
Type of Seat: 
Under 35: 
Under 35

Nick Harper is challenging incumbent Democratic Senator Jean Berkey. A strong democratic district (58.1% Democratic performance), the 38th District should be home to one of the most progressive voices in the state and instead is represented by a Senator that has been a bad vote on a range of progressive issues from labor to education to the environment. The progressive community is united in their dissatisfaction with Senator Berkey. Nick, 31, and his wife Lacey live in Everett, where Nick serves as the Snohomish County Conservation Director for Cascade Land Conservancy. Nick has a strong interest in conservation and land use management, which he has worked on locally and in the state capital through his current role and his past work with the Realtors. Harper jumped in the race with the endorsement and support of several local elected officials, including his potential seatmate State Representative John McCoy.