Sandra Williams

State House - District 11
Cleveland, Brooklyn Heights, Cuyahoga Heights & Newburgh Heights
Type of Seat: 
Woman Candidate: 
Woman Candidate
Person of Color: 
Person of Color

Rep. Sandra Williams has served in the State House for the past three years. She represents a part of the City of Cleveland, as well as inner ring suburbs Brooklyn Heights, Cuyahoga Heights, and Newburgh Heights. Prior to her election to the Ohio House, Sandra worked in the criminal justice system as a probation officer and a parole officer. In these positions, she gained a deep appreciation for the state's role in maintaining a just society. She has worked to achieve social justice as a State Representative. With Progressive Majority's assistance, Sandra has crafted a strong campaign plan, developed an effective fundraising strategy, and dramatically improved her ability to deliver a strong stump speech. This is an important race as we work to protect the majority that we won in 2008.