2014 Fundraising Webinar (9): Let's Write a Fundraising Letter Together

1) Understand the checklist of what every fundraising must have
2) How to make your letter stand out from the rest
3) Collective write a fundraising letter together

2014 Message & Communications Webinar (2): The Stump Speech: Say It with Impact

1) Learn about core components to an effective stump speech;
2) Discuss how to best deliver your stump speech;
3) Overview of campaign message and communication best practices

2014 Campaign Strategy & Targeting Webinar (4): Polling on a Shoestring Budget: IVR Polling and How to Use It

1) Learn what IVR polling is?
2) How to use information to strengthen your campaign

2014 Fundraising Webinar (2): Multiply Yourself: Setting up a Fundraising Committee

1) Discuss proven methods of assembling a fundraising committee that raises money for you
2) Learn how to hold your fundraising committee accountable
3) Overview of camapign fundraising best practices

2014 Campaign Strategy &Targeting Webinar (8): Change the Electorate: Base Building Strategies that Work

1) Discuss best practices in increasing base turnout in non-presidential races
2) Learn how to incorporate base voter engagement in you campaign
3) Understand how base building efforts support long-term progressive political action

2014 Campaign Strategy & Targeting Webinar (1): Effective Targeting for Winning Campaigns

1) Discuss elements of developing an effective voter targeting strategy
2) Learn how to use tools to support targeting voters
3) Review general best practices of camapign strategy and targeting voters

2014 Campaign Strategy & Targeting Webinar (3): Targeting and Your Direct Mail Strategy

1) Discuss elements of using targeting to improve direct mail efforts
2) Best practices around direct mail
3) Cost saving measures to reach more voters

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (8): Preparing a Campaign Budget

1) Core elements for building a campaign budget
2) Align budget with campaign strategy
3) Insure budget reflects your values

2014 Campaign Strategy & Targeting Webinar (2): Door to Door Canvassing: Best Practices and Strategies that Win

1) Setting benchmarks for your door to door field operations
2) Best strategies for targeting your door to door efforts
3) Best practices for effective door to door canvass operation

2014 Fundraising Webinar (4): Dialing for Dollars: Fool Proof Way to Raise the Dough

1) Learn best practices for effective call time set-up/ management
2) Discuss tools to maximize call time efforts

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