2013 Campaign Planning Webinar (2): Keep the Campaign on Track: Measuring What Counts

1) What benchmarks should your camapign set?
2) How do you effectively measure if you are on track to win?
3) Tools to support tracking progress against goals

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (18): How to Run a Campaign Rooted in Your Values

1) Understand your core values before you begin your campaign
2) Learn how to run a campaign rooted in your public values
3) Best practices from campaigns that run value centered campaigns

2014 Fundraising Webinar (3): Building a Donor List that’s Worth More Than its Weight in Gold

1) Learn best places to find donors
2) Discuss how to figure out how much to ask for
3) Discuss tools and best practices for prospecting new donors

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (1): Writing a Winning Campaign Plan

1) Learn core components of a written campaign plan
2) Discover tools to support writing and working the plan
3) Review overall best practices for campaign planning

2014 Fundraising Webinar (6): It’s Time to Raise Some Cash: Making the Ask

1) Learn what prospective donors are thinking 2) Get the right attitude to make the ask 3) Best practices for making the ask

2014 Message & Communications Webinar (7): Get Better Known in 60 Days or Less

1) Learn what it takes to get into the political echo chamber
2) Discuss a 10 step plan to raise your candidate profile to leaders, press, and voters

2014 Message & Communications Webinar (6): Crisis Management

1) How to Run a NO Drama Campaign
2) Planning that can help manage the unexpected
3) Strategies to minimize negative impact and get back on track

2014 Message & Communications Webinar (5): Campaign Literature: What Works and & What Doesn't

Learn best practices to:
1) Communicate your message in campaign literature
2) Understand how to connect with your targeted audience
3) Have your literature stand out from the field

2014 Message & Communications Webinar (2): The Stump Speech: Say It with Impact

1) Learn about core components to an effective stump speech;
2) Discuss how to best deliver your stump speech;
3) Overview of campaign message and communication best practices

2014 Fundraising Webinar (9): Let's Write a Fundraising Letter Together

1) Understand the checklist of what every fundraising must have
2) How to make your letter stand out from the rest
3) Collective write a fundraising letter together

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