2013 Campaign Planning Webinar (7): Using Phones Effectively & Strategically to Win Votes

1) Learn newest technology your campaign can use to more effectively reach voters
2) Discuss best practices in developing an effective phone plan for your campaign

2014 Campaign Strategy &Targeting Webinar (7): What's Your Campaign Strategy

1) Discuss how to develop a clear and concise campaign strategy
2) Understand the importance of having a campaign strategy (and the risks if you don't)
3) Learn how to use a campaign strategy day-to-day

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (16): A Candidate's View for Volunteer Recruitment

1) Understanding volunteer needs
2) Learn how does a candidate effectively support volunteer needs of the campaign?
3) Discuss how a candidate's action can be helpful or harmful to the campaign

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (15): Build Viability Among the Political Class

What do you need to do to earn support from allies and political leadership to support your candidacy. Learn what are the benchmarks and ways to reach them to gain access to political networks, donors, and other tools to support your election.

2014 Fundraising Webinar (1): Best Practices for Writing a Finance Plan

1) Discuss elements of a strong and realistic finance plan
2) Learn about tools and systems to support development and execution of a finance plan
3) Overview of campaign fundraising best practices

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (11): Endorsements: Which Ones to Get and How to Win Support

1) Learn which endorsements are key to winning a campaign
2) Discuss how to secure endorsement from key organizations/ individuals

2014 Fundraising Webinar (2): Multiply Yourself: Setting up a Fundraising Committee

1) Discuss proven methods of assembling a fundraising committee that raises money for you
2) Learn how to hold your fundraising committee accountable
3) Overview of camapign fundraising best practices

2014 Message & Communications Webinar (1): Message Development: The Message Box

1) Learn about the message box tool
2) Study how to effectively use tool in your message development and campaign planning
3) Overview of campaign message and communication best practices

2014 Campaign Strategy & Targeting Webinar (4): Polling on a Shoestring Budget: IVR Polling and How to Use It

1) Learn what IVR polling is
2) How to use information to strengthen your campaign

2014 Campaign Strategy & Targeting Webinar (1): Effective Targeting for Winning Campaigns

1) Discuss elements of developing an effective voter targeting strategy
2) Learn how to use tools to support targeting voters
3) Review general best practices of camapign strategy and targeting voters

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