2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (17): How to Earn Labor Support for your Campaign

1) Learn how to build viability in the eyes of Labor
2) Discuss concrete steps to develop relationships with Labor
3) Understand the role of Labor in your campaign

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (4): Setting up your Campaign Team

1) What are the core leadership roles in an effective camapign
2) Discuss best organizational/ management structures in a campaign
3) How to run a campaign that reflects your values

Base Building Trainings (1): Build a Campaign that Connects and Reaches Young Voters

1) Learn how to integrate young voter engagement in your campaign...rom the beginning
2) Proven methods to increase young voter turnout in your election
3) Discuss how to connect your campaign to your voters

2014 Fundraising Webinar (1): Best Practices for Writing a Finance Plan

1) Discuss elements of a strong and realistic finance plan
2) Learn about tools and systems to support development and execution of a finance plan
3) Overview of campaign fundraising best practices

2014 Fundraising Webinar (4): Dialing for Dollars: Fool Proof Way to Bring in the Dough

1) Learn best practices for effective call time set-up/ management
2) Discuss tools to maximize call time efforts

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (16): Say Cheese! Photos you need for your campaign

1) Discuss why good photos matter
2) Learn hat are the photos you need out of the gate in today's campaign environment
3) Tips for getting great campaign shots

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (2): Keep the Campaign on Track: Measuring What Counts

1) What benchmarks should your camapign set?
2) How do you effectively measure if you are on track to win?
3) Tools to support tracking progress against goals

2014 Fundraising Webinar (2): Multiply Yourself: Setting up a Fundraising Committee

1) Discuss proven methods of assembling a fundraising committee that raises money for you
2) Learn how to hold your fundraising committee accountable
3) Overview of camapign fundraising best practices

2014 Message & Communications Webinar (3): Build Up Your Name Recognition- Earned Media Planning

1) Learn about core components to an effective earned media plan
2) Tools to support development and execution of an effective plan

2014 Message & Communications Webinar (2): The Stump Speech: Say It with Impact

1) Learn about core components to an effective stump speech;
2) Discuss how to best deliver your stump speech;
3) Overview of campaign message and communication best practices

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