2014 Message & Communications Webinar (5): Campaign Literature: What Works and & What Doesn't

Learn best practices to:
1) Communicate your message in campaign literature
2) Understand how to connect with your targeted audience
3) Have your literature stand out from the field

2014 Fundraising Webinar (9): Let's Write a Fundraising Letter Together

1) Understand the checklist of what every fundraising must have 2) How to make your letter stand out from the rest 3) Collective write a fundraising letter together

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (15): Build Viability Among the Political Class

What do you need to do to earn support from allies and political leadership to support your candidacy. Learn what are the benchmarks and ways to reach them to gain access to political networks, donors, and other tools to support your election.

2014 Campaign Strategy & Targeting Webinar (1): Effective Targeting for Winning Campaigns

1) Discuss elements of developing an effective voter targeting strategy
2) Learn how to use tools to support targeting voters
3) Review general best practices of camapign strategy and targeting voters

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (8): Preparing a Campaign Budget

1) Core elements for building a campaign budget
2) Align budget with campaign strategy
3) Insure budget reflects your values

2014 Campaign Strategy & Targeting Webinar (4): Polling on a Shoestring Budget: IVR Polling and How to Use It

1) Learn what IVR polling is?
2) How to use information to strengthen your campaign

2014 Fundraising Webinar (4): Dialing for Dollars: Fool Proof Way to Raise the Dough

1) Learn best practices for effective call time set-up/ management
2) Discuss tools to maximize call time efforts

2014 Campaign Planning Webinar (1): Writing a Winning Campaign Plan

1) Learn core components of a written campaign plan
2) Discover tools to support writing and working the plan
3) Review overall best practices for campaign planning

2014 Fundraising Webinar (1): Best Practices for Writing a Finance Plan

1) Discuss elements of a strong and realistic finance plan
2) Learn about tools and systems to support development and execution of a finance plan
3) Overview of campaign fundraising best practices

Voicing Our Values: What’s the Progressive Agenda for States and Localities?

When we’re talking about state and local legislation, what does progressive mean? What does a progressive agenda look like?

Join us this afternoon for a webinar in which ALICE and Public Leadership Institute unveil a Progressive Agenda for States and Localities, a short book which describes 42 great policy ideas on a wide variety of topics, and links you directly with model legislation and other materials to help you pass the bills.

We’ll begin by explaining how you can access and use this new resource online and then discuss why certain legislation works in 2014. We will include: online voter registration, “zombie” debt, public disclosure of corporate taxes paid, limiting government inquiries into immigration status, bail reform, and more!

As always, we don’t want this to be a monologue. Be prepared to tell us what’s missing from the Progressive Agenda—what we need to push in the coming year.

What: Webinar about a Progressive Agenda for States and Localities
When: Today (Tuesday) November 16 at 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific
How: Register by clicking here — https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/897955038
This is an interactive discussion. We want you to suggest how you would handle these questions and push back when you think a recommended answer won't work.

Hope you'll join us!


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