How to Recruit Strong Progressive Candidates

1) What qualities make for a good progressive candidates

Dialing for Dollars: Fool Proof Ways to Bring in the Dough

1) Learn best practices for effective call time set-up/ management

2) Discuss tools to maximize call time efforts

Raise Your Profile: Earned Media to Support your Campaign

1) Learn about core components to an effective earned media plan

2) Tools to support development and execution of an effective plan

Using Phones Effectively & Strategically to Win Votes

1) Learn newest technology your campaign can use to more effectively reach voters 

2) Discuss best practices in developing an effective phone plan for your campaign

Voicing Our Values: A message guide for candidates

Join authors Bernie Horn and Gloria Totten to discuss a new powerful book that gives progressive candidates the tools and skills to communicate our values effectively and win votes in order to win elections.  Come prepared to learn about this exciting new book that can be a game changer for progressive candidates across America.

Best Practices for Designing Campaign Literature

Learn best practices to:

1) design campaign literature

Polling on a Shoestring Budget: IVR Polling and How to Use It

1) Learn what IVR polling is?

2) How to use information to  strengthen your campaign

Best Practices for Writing a Finance Plan

1) Discuss elements of a strong and realistic finance plan

Setting up your Campaign Team

1) What are the core leadership roles in an effective camapign

Best Practices for Recruiting, Retaining, and Managing Campaign Volunteers

1) Calculate volunteer needs

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