Celebrating an important victory, and keeping the heat on in Arizona

Exciting news today from President Obama! He will stop the deportations of many DREAMers, immigrants brought into this country as kids. As a result, many children who grew up in this country and serve in the Armed Forces or attend college will no longer have to fear a knock in the middle of the night, and deportation to a country they may have never known.

What a contrast with Mitt Romney's record.

Walls tv ad

Our partner PAC+ just launched a new television ad illuminating Mitt Romney’s record, directed at Latinos and progressives in Arizona. The PAC+ ad defines Mitt Romney as a person who will build walls designed to keep hard working people, especially Latinos, down. And it reinforces Romney's ties to some of our nation's most reviled elected officials, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Gov. Jan Brewer.

"Walls" is the first Latino-focused television ad by an independent group this cycle in Arizona, and it's available in both English and Spanish language. Unlike many groups that are "all talk" but no action, PAC+ is expending real resources to stake a claim for progressives in the state of Arizona - the snake pit of conservative and anti-Latino policy. To ensure that as many voters as possible view this ad, PAC+ is airing it on both Spanish and English TV channels in all three major media markets in Arizona, on a mix of cable and broadcast stations. But we need your help to keep it going. Can you please donate $5 today to help keep this ad on the air?