Democratic Diva: Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children??!?

Because you know, nothing says "caring for children" better than underfunding public schools.

Yep, Arizona state senators voted yesterday to divert even more tax money to a tax credit scholarship aimed at sending children to private and parochial schools.

But really, who can afford to do that? Not most middle class families, I can tell you that.

But you know who’s REALLY milking the system? I’ll tell you who. It’s those households making $20K a year, luxuriating on that “health care” provided to them by Medicaid. Time to give them the heave-ho, amirite Senator Murphy? Oh sure, some would say those families have “dire financial circumstances, health issues in the family”. But some who say that would be bleeding heart socialists who think this state is made of money or something. We have priorities in Arizona and those priorities do not include children who didn’t have the good sense to be born to rich parents.

via Democratic Diva.