Developing Your Message


Your message should convey the reason you are running, why you are the most qualified candidate, and what you will do to improve the lives of those in your community once elected.


What Your Message Should Be

  • Relevant to the issues in your district
  • Something to set you apart from your opponent(s)
  • Clearly demonstrative of the values you stand for and what you will fight for once in office
  • Truthful, concise, and conveyed repeatedly throughout all of your voter communication

What Your Message is Not

  • Your stump speech
  • Your campaign slogan
  • The copy on your website
  • The issue or group of issues on which you are running

Putting Your Message to Work

  • Direct Mail—general bio pieces, tailored pieces to different groups
  • Fundraising—solicit early support
  • Press—start a letter to the editor campaign  with supporters
  • Visibility—especially during the final month and week of campaign


Check out our Webinar on messaging for more detailed information.