Fundraising: Online Fundraising

You need a website where voters can learn about you, get involved with your campaign, and securely give contributions. However, online fundraising is not a tool that should be relied upon as the primary means of fundraising - it has limited capacity for generating revenue in state and local campaigns.

There are two ways to raise money online:

Through Your Campaign Site

The first way to raise money online is through your campaign website. You want the fundraising system you use to be able to accept contributions, send instant thank you notes via email, and deliver credit card and donor information to an online spreadsheet that can be imported into the campaign's donor database.

However, hiring a web designer and purchasing the software to do this may be costly. If possible, find a volunteer willing to provide the service, or do your research to ensure that hiring a professional will be cost-effective.


Whenever you collect information from people, always collect their email address. Building an email list allows you to keep connected with supporters, solicit volunteers, generate turnout, and raise money. Every email you send won't be a direct ask for money, but every email you send should provide a link to contribute online.

While email is an inexpensive and easy way to reach your supporters, don't overuse it! Pick selective instances, like raising a certain amount by the filing deadline. If you over send to your email list they will tune you out, depriving your campaign of future contributions.