HuffPo: Preexisting Conditions Afflict Up To Half Of Americans Under 65

That's right, half of us have a pre-existing condition that keeps many of us from getting health care coverage. This is according to a government study released today. 

I would attribute this to the very broad definition of "pre-existing condition" by insurance companies which can range from cancer and pregnancy to asthma and high blood pressure. 

So if you're sick, too bad right? If you have a condition that needs to be regulated, tough? 

That's what some Republicans are telling us in their attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Without this legislation, 129 million Americans either can't get insurance or will have to pay exorbitant fees to cover their "pre-existing condition." 

If you're like me - a 20 something who didn't have insurance throughout college because it just wasn't affordable - you've probably racked up a long list of conditions that need some attention. Can't see through your thick lenses anymore? Tendonitis flaring up? Back pain from hunching over textbooks and burning the midnight CFL? 

Too bad! Which is why the Affordable Care Act is incredibly important to keeping this country healthy and strong (even Country Strong). This is will help so many of us get better. Shouldn't we all want that - even Republicans? 

How do you think the Affordable Care Act will help you?