Making the Ask


Making the Ask

Now comes the fun part: asking for money.

The Right Attitude

  • Fundraising does not amount to asking for a handout
  • It provides friends and family an opportunity to:
  • Support you!
  • Give progressive a tangible way to promote the issues they believe in
  • Participate in the politics of their community in a meaningful way

General Guidelines

  • Do your research. Know the basics about the individual you’re approaching
  • Make a personal connection. Establish a friendly rapport that will facilitate not only your initial ask, but the basis of a continued relationship
  • Make an ideological connection.Highlight shared values and make it clear why electing you will make a difference on the issue
  • Communicate viability.People like to back the winning horse—tell them how and why you can win
  • Make the donor relevant.Make the support tangible—explain exactly what their contribution is going to do
  • Make a specific ask and shhh!Know the specific contribution goal in advance and don’t say anything in an attempt to fill silence


  • Have options available.If your request for $500 doesn’t go well:
  • Ask them to give $100 a month for five months
  • Provide additional incentives (i.e. event tickets)


·         Say thank you and follow up!