Messaging and Communications: Outline of an Effective Stump Speech

Introduce Yourself

Tell your audience who you are and what has compelled you to run.

Tell a Personal Story

Share something about yourself that will reinforce your message and your reason for running, paint a picture for your audience and help them relate to you on a personal level at the outset of your speech. Think Bill Clinton as "the little boy from Hope."

Outline the Issues

What are the issues you'll fight for if elected? Start with that which spurred you to run. Why do they matter to you, and what will you do to bring about change? Highlight no more that two or three issues that fit within your overall message, include those that are of particular relevance to your particular audience and talk about them in ways that make them relevant to people's lives rather than using complicated legislative jargon.

Establish Contrast

If you haven't explained why you are the better candidate for the position, you haven't done your job. Make it clear to the audience why they must not only vote for you, but also vote against your opponent.

Reinforce and Make an Ask

End your speech by reinforcing your message, and asking the audience for their help. Don't miss an opportunity to welcome support, volunteers, and donations, and don't forget to ask for their vote.