Ohio Primary Endorsements

We all know how important primaries are, they give us the opportunity to choose strong progressives as our candidates for November.  Progressive Majority is excited to announce our  first endorsements of 2012.  Each of these candidates is in a highly competitive primary in the critical battleground state of Ohio.  We need these candidates to win their primary on March 6 and their election in November so we can take back control of Ohio and move forward with progressive values.

  Donna O'Connor, State Representative - District 21 (Challenger)

Donna has taught for 19 years in local school systems in Ohio.  She has been involved in local and state politics for several years and fought hard against SB 5/Issue 2, the union-busting bill.  Last year while standing on the steps of the state house, a friend gave her a button that said, “those that can, teach.  Those that cannot, make laws about teaching.”  Donna is running to make sure that those making the laws about education know what it’s like to work in the classroom.
Learn more at www.oconnorforohio.com

  Jim Drake, State Representative - District 95 (Challenger)

Jim is a teacher in the St. Clairsville-Richland City School District and has worked in education for over 20 years.  He was motivated to run through his activism fighting the union-busting bill SB 5/Issue 2, and his determination to protect the middle class and union rights.
Learn more at www.jimdrakeforohio.com

  Subodh Chandra, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor (Open)

Subodh decided to run after seeing a series of stories in 2010 detailing criminal cases that were indicted, tried and ultimately dismissed by judges for lack of evidence supporting the charges.  He knows that Cuyahoga County needs a prosecutor who will fix these problems.  Subodh has extensive experience, having served three years as Assistant United States Attorney in Cleveland and three years as Director of Law for the City of Cleveland.  As a federal prosecutor, Chandra successfully prosecuted health care fraud and corruption cases, winning recognition from FBI director Robert Mueller.
Learn more at www.chandraforprosecutor.com