Repairs or regression?

There’s more to this budget repair bill than the labor piece. For those brave enough, you can read all 144 pages  or read some Keats, it would probably be less depressing.

The two other issues are:

Serious cuts to education that could spell the end of many Madison public schools, a split of the University of Wisconsin campus and the end to Title I funding for low-income students.

A sweet deal with big corporations on bidding for state-owned facilities. The run-down from Blogging Blue:

"[It] would allow the sale or contractual operation of state owned heating, cooling, and power plants with or without the solicitation of bids and for any amount deemed appropriate by Walker’s administration...While the fact that state-owned facilities could be sold without a public bidding process for any amount deemed appropriate by Gov. Walker’s administration is disturbing, even more disturbing is the fact that Gov. Walker’s proposal would also change the definition of “public interest” so that any sale – no matter whether for fair value or in a sweetheart deal – would be deemed automatically in the public interest."

Is he really proposing that this will repair the budget?