Six of "Wisconsin 14" were Progressive Majority candidates

If you needed more proof that what Progressive Majority does is vital to the progressive movement, here it is: six of the "Wisconsin 14" were part of Progressive Majority's farm team of candidates

Below are our  Wisconsin 6 and to what office and in what year we helped them get elected: 

Chris Larson - Milwaukee County Board, 2008

Jim Holperin - State Assembly, 2008

Mark Miller - State Senate, 2004

Robert Wirch - State Senate, 2004

Dave Hansen - State Senate, 2004

Kathleen Vinehout - State Senate, 2006

These six brave progressives are what's standing between the crazy machinations of Gov. Walker and unions fighting for their right to collective bargaining. 

What we do is so important to protecting progressive values like economic justice, civil rights, health care, education, environment and reproductive freedom. It's important to keep finding and electing bright progressives at the state and local level. 

As always, we stand with Wisconsinites  and the Wisconsin 14.