Spy training for abortion seekers?

Once a week flights to the middle of prairie lands. Rigourous psychology tests and counseling. A 72 hour holding period.

Are you training to be a clandestine operative? Are you Indiana Jones?

No, you're a young woman waiting to exercise her right to choose.

Increasingly, states like South Dakota are making it harder than ever before to get an abortion. In South Dakota's case, there is only one abortion doctor for the 77,000 square feet of the state. And that doctor has to be flown in from Minnesota once a week to Sioux Falls, SD.

And now, women have to wait 72 hours to see the doctor. During that time, she's bombarded with ideological and religious propaganda that is specifically geared to making her change her mind.

But where's the support for young mothers? Where's the support to sexually active women to prevent pregnancies?

There is none.

The ABA Journal states:

According to the Guttmacher Institute, 570 measures seeking to restrict abortion access have been introduced in state legislatures since the beginning of 2011, and a number have become law. Analysts say the scale and scope of abortion-related bills on the books this year is unprecedented.

As we've been saying, these are calculated. Just read the read article - conservative state legislators are kickin the door down on aboriton rights. It's starts here and it could go all the way up to the top.

We have to stop this.