State Politics Cheat Sheet - 7/15/11

Check out this week's major headlines from all of Progressive Majority's target states!


Arizona is being sued by three unions because of a provision in the state budget that makes public employees pay a larger portion of pension costs.


The Campaign for a Healthy Denver filed a petition this week in hopes of getting the issue of paid sick-leave on the November ballot. I blogged on the continuing fight for paid sick-leave earlier this week.


The Michigan Senate passed a bill that cuts state welfare programs pretty harshly. Welfare benefits would be limited to only four years, causing 13,000 Michigan residents to be dropped from welfare in October.


After two weeks of government shutdown, Minnesota Governor Dayton caved and compromised with Republican legislators to pass a budget. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.


A coalition called Fair Elections Ohio is getting the ball rolling on their efforts to repeal new voting restriction laws. They are collecting signatures in hopes of eventually overturning parts of HB 194 that make it harder for Ohioans to vote.


Pennsylvania legislators are deciding whether or not to tax natural-gas drillers in the Marcellus Shale... but they're being kind of secretive.


Virginia is making changes to it's retirement system, increasing the amount taken from state employees salaries to put towards pension costs. Hopefully, public employees won't see much of a change in their paychecks.


The Seattle city government wants bars to be able to sell alcohol past 2AM, which is the current cut-off time in Washington.


Democrats in Wisconsin want Governor Scott Walker to force Dave Vanderleest to leave his position as a candidate in the recall elections on account of his history of child abuse.