Takeaways From Tuesday: For the GOP


For the GOP at large: 2012 was the Republican Party's last chance to pull out a win on their base of old, white men. If they ever want another shot at a national majority, they're going to have to come to terms with the very real reality that it isn't 1950 any more. And that means they're going to have to abandon some of their core social platforms - the ongoing attacks on women's reproductive rights, immigration, and marriage equality, to name a few - that are simply incompatible with the changing demographics of our country. This year was their last shot to pull out a win on the old model, which they've been using since the Reagan Era. But what we saw this November is that the old model has already outlived its viability, and will only continue to its slide into irrelevance through 2016 and beyond. The next time we see the Grand Old Party, it's going to have to had come to terms with social conservatism if it wants a real shot in an increasingly liberal America. One thing's for sure:  It's going to take some real soul searching.