Takeaways From Tuesday: House Republicans


For House Republicans: Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the GOP Congressional coalition really were just wasting everyone's time all along. They swore they'd do anything it took to make Obama a one-term President, abandoned the business of government for two years, and ultimately only succeeded in proving just how untenable and unpopular their party's platform really was.

WHAT WAS AT STAKE: If Obama had lost, Republicans in Congress would have enjoyed the major boost of succeeding at one of their biggest (any perhaps only!) long-term goals of the 112th. Elated conservatives would have rallied around the freshman lawmakers in Congress whose only experience has been to sit on their hands and wait for their stonewall strategy to play out on Nov. 6th. Instead, some of the worst Tea-Partiers have lost their seats, and many others are barely hanging on.