Volunteer Managememt


Once you get volunteers in the door, it is important that there be a system in place to effectively engage them in the campaign. Investing time on the front end will ensure that you don’t lose them.


Tips for an Effective Program

Ensure that the partnership provides value to both the campaign and individual volunteers.

  • Create a database and listserv. It should:

o   Include name, contact info, skills and interests, emergency contact

o   Allow you to track a volunteer’s participation

o   Allow volunteers to communicate with one another

Create an email list that makes issuing a call for volunteers for a specific project a snap.

  • Establish a contact. A friendly face greeting volunteers and providing them with assignments gives them a sense of direction, and it can make all the difference.
  • Be prepared.

o   Set specific tasks aside as they arise so work is ready when volunteers come in (also provide necessary supplies)

o   Don’t let volunteers sit around—be ready for them and encourage them to work hard

  • Post a calendar.

o   Use a large wall calendar to announce when specific projects will take place and allow volunteers to sign up

o   Know when volunteer opportunities are coming up and make sure staff and volunteers have several options available

  • Create accountability. Ensure that projects are overseen by a staff member/trusted volunteer, and track who works on what project when, so questions are directed to the right place
  • Provide refreshments. Everyone is more efficient when their needs are met and they feel appreciated!