We've got to beat this guy

Are you kidding me?  Women and women’s health have been under vicious attack lately and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.  Anti-choice zealots are coming out of the woodwork to run for office and it seems like the ones in office are putting up crazy anti-women’s health bills by the day.  Take Bob Gray in Michigan for example.    Bob Gray is a right-wing, anti-choice conservative who wants to prohibit women from making their own health choices.  His website says, “Does God approve of what will take place at 1625 N. Opdyke Road and what Planned Parenthood will be doing if we don’t put a stop to their madness?”

Do we really want to elect someone who says, “We fund [Planned Parenthood] 360 million dollars a year to break the laws and kill babies” or “If we want God to bless us we must tell [Planned Parenthood] that they are not welcomed in our community, we don’t want their law breaking ways, their backroom deal making schemes, or their baby killing machine in the 29th District.”

People like Bob don’t just talk – they act.  We’ve seen what happens in Congress and Virginia when they get into power, forced medical procedures, prohibiting women from speaking about women’s health choices and preventing access for women to birth control.

That’s why Progressive Majority endorsed Tim Greimel. Tim’s a progressive champion running for House District 29 in Michigan and there are only 72 hours left before his election

The Republicans scheduled this special election on the same day as the Republican presidential primary in Michigan.  This means thousands of Republicans are going to show up at the polls, and we need to make sure Democrats do too.

Your contribution to Tim today will help fund phone banks and canvassers that will get Democrats out to vote in this election and help elect a progressive Democrat who will fight to protect women’s health and their right to be heard.

We can’t let Bob Gray win.  If he gets into office he’ll follow in the path of Republicans in Congress and Virginia and work to pass bills that take health decisions away from women and their doctors.  There are only 72 hours left before Election Day.  Contribute to Tim Greimel today and stand up for women’s health.

Click here to contribute to Tim Greimel and send a message that you support candidates who will protect women’s health.