What We Won

Yesterday, Americans across the country went to the polls and the result was a resounding win for the progressive movement. Thanks to you, 63% of Progressive Majority-endorsed candidates won, totaling 52 victories. After a year of relentless attacks on women's health across the country, we struck a convincing blow against the radical anti-woman movement, with more than half of our winning candidates being women. The diversity of our group of candidates wasn't just limited to gender. We elected young candidates, candidates of color and candidates who are GLBT – proving our commitment to representative parity in government.

Candidates weren’t the only winners yesterday. In New Jersey and in SeaTac (Seattle-Tacoma), residents voted to increase the minimum wage and to stop the secessionist movement in Colorado. Off the ballot, and just as important, the Illinois State House voted to legalize gay marriage in the land of Lincoln. 

Whenever I've asked, you've stepped up. Because of your support of Progressive Majority, we had the resources to not just compete on Election Day, but to win. We took the progressive message to the voters and they responded by rejecting the tea party rhetoric and by supporting candidates who respect women’s personal health decisions, promote stronger gun violence prevention measures and who will work hard to make sure every American who works to achieve the American dream can earn it.

And your support helped elect these progressive champions:

Karen Uhlich, Tucson City Council (AZ)
Renie Peterson, Aurora City Council (CO)
Eric Nelson, Aurora School Board
Alberto Garcia, Westminster City Council (CO)
Emma Pinter, Westminster City Council (CO)
Rick Kriseman, St. Petersburg Mayor (FL)
Julie Carr, Rockville City Council (MD)
Tom Moore, Rockville City Council (MD)
Dave Coulter, Ferndale Mayor (MI)
Gwen Markham, Novi City Council (MI)
Doug Skrzynirz, Sterling Heights City Council (MI)
Anne Mavity, St. Louis Park City Council (MN)
TJ Cawley, Morrisville Town Council (NC)
Marcus Madison, Elyria City Council (OH)
P.G. Sittenfeld, Cincinnati City Council (OH)
Carolyn Comitta, Westchester Mayor (PA)
Shamaine Daniels, Harrisburg City Council (PA)
Jeanne Clark, Pittsburg City Council (PA)
Sylvia Wilson, Pittsburg School Board (PA)
Carolyn Klug, Pittsburg City Council (PA)
Roxanne Murphy, Bellingham City Council (WA)
Pinky Vargas, Bellingham City Council (WA)
Leslie Daugs, Bremerton City Council (WA)
Shelley Kloba, Kirkland City Council (WA)
Tena Senn, Mercer Island City Council (WA)
Fred Chang, Port Orchard City Council (WA)
Julie Door, Puyallup City Council (WA)
Kim Allen, Redmond City Council (WA)
De'Sean Aaron Quinn, Tukwila City Council (WA)
Ken Mann, Whatcom City Council (WA)
Carl Weimer, Whatcom City Council (WA)
Rud Brown, Whatcom City Council (WA)
Barry Buchanan, Whatcom City Council (WA)
Mark Harris, Winnebago County Executive (WI) 
Thanks to you, progress happened yesterday.  Because of you, we won. And, with you, we'll keep building a progressive majority.