Wisconsin Democrats: The best chance at change is at the ballot box

They know it and we know it. The only way to get worker's rights back, in Wisconsin and in other states passing simliar bills, is to vote.

Jim Holperin, Wisconsin State Senator, said over the phone, "Voters now appreciate how quickly rights can be taken away" and called for progressives across the states to vote either in the 2012 elections or in a recall.

"A sleeping middle class was woken up last night," said State Senator Chris Larson. "Those who saw no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties...those differences are clarified. They now know who stands with the middle class and working class and who stands with the wealthy one percent."

What will happen in the coming days is up to you and me. We need to send a message to conservatives in 2012 because they apparently didn't get it the first time around. We have to tell our friends, our neighbors, even if it's uncomfortable, that voting for progressive candidates is the way to keep our rights and get out of a recession.

It's a tough fight, but we're ready to get in the ring. Are you?